VariCel® M-Pak

High-Efficiency Supported Panel Filter

Product Overview

  • Delivers comparable efficiency, pressure drop, and overall performance in half the footprint with a "Midi" media pack design
  • 6-inch-deep (nominal) filter with the same media area as a 12-inch-deep (nominal) filter
  • Space-saving design - reduces freight, storage, and handling costs
  • Sturdy high-impact polystyrene cell sides enclose a fixed media pack
  • Fully incinerable
  • MERV 14, MERV 13, and MERV 11 efficiencies
  • MERV 14 and 11 models available with antimicrobial
  • MERV 13 and higher meet LEED® Project Certification efficiency requirements

MEGApleat® M8

Premium High-Capacity M8 Pleated Filter

Product Overview

  • Low operating resistance saves energy
  • Highest dust holding capacity (DHC); Longest life
  • Highest breach strength; Strongest construction
  • Guaranteed consistent performance – independent, third party testing
  • Patent-pending filter design
  • Heavy-duty, galvanized expanded metal support grid/no rust
  • Moisture-resistant adhesive
  • Available in 1", 2", and 4" models
  • MERV 8

RLM Xtreme

Industry’s easiest install/lowest maint. cost

Highest reduction of infectious microbes
Destroys coil/drain pan mold and bacteria
EncapsuLamp™ safety technology
Designed for direct water wash-downs

5-year fixture warranty
1-year lamp warranty