Lunch and Learn:Engineered Equipment Inc. strives to be the leading provider of training and educational opportunities in the Oklahoma HVAC market. We host many Lunch and Learn presentations at our offices, and also take specific topics to individual customers upon request. The majority of our Lunch and Learn presentations qualify for PDH(s) (Professional Development Hour(s)). Don’t hesitate to contact us if you have a training or educational need! Look for more information via our website and email on upcoming Lunch and Learn topics.


  • Basics of HVAC
    Please visit this link for a training video on HVAC systems. This video covers the basic terminology all the way up to selection of equipment.
  • Chilled Beam Overview
    Please visit this link for info on all Price Chilled Beams
  • Smoke Test Videos
    Please visit this link for video demonstrations of different diffusers types and applications.
  • HVAC Training Classes
    Please visit this link for various HVAC training classes.



Useful Formulas:

  • Air Changes Per Hour(ACH) = (CFM x 60) / Room Volume ft3
  • CFM = Room Volume ft3  x  (Air Changes Per Hour / 60)
  • %OA = (RAT - MAT) / (RAT - OAT)  x  100
  • OAT = (MAT x 100) – (%RA x RAT) / %OA
  • MAT = (%OA x OAT) + (%RA x RAT) / 100
  • RAT = (MAT x 100) – (%OA x OAT) / %RA
  • QTOTAL(Btu/Hr) = 4.5 x cfm x Δh(Btu/lb)
  • Cooling Load(tons) = 4.5 x cfm x Δh(Btu/lb) / 12,000
  • QLATENT(Btu/Hr) = .68 x cfm x ΔW(grains/lb)
  • Humidification Load(lb/Hr) = 4.5 x cfm x ΔW(grains/lb) / 7,000
  • QSENSIBLE(Btu/Hr) = 1.08 x cfm x ΔT(oF)
  • Electric Heat Capacity(KW) = 1.08 x cfm x ΔT(oF) / 3,414
  • Gas Heating(MBH) = 1.08 x cfm x ΔT(oF) / 1,000

EEI is committed to providing helpful information to our customers. If you have any questions about the information contained on this page please contact your EEI representative.