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EEI r(e)Fresh: A Financial Breakdown

Unlocking Tangible Savings with EEI r(e)Fresh: A Financial Breakdown

As you consider the invaluable benefits of EEI r(e)Fresh for your building's Air Handling Units (AHUs), let's dive into the financial equation to showcase the actual savings potential. Our solution goes beyond operational improvements; it's an investment in your bottom line.

Net Operating Income (NOI):
NOI = Revenue − Operating Expenses

Capitalization Rate (Cap Rate):

Cap Rate (7%) = NOI / Market Value

Breaking Down the Savings:

1. NOI Impact: EEI r(e)Fresh directly influences your revenue by optimizing AHU performance and reducing operating expenses. Expect a noticeable positive impact on your NOI.

2. Cap Rate Enhancement: The improved NOI positively affects your property's value by enhancing the Cap Rate. With EEI r(e)Fresh, experience a more robust market position and potential appreciation.

3. Annual Cooling Savings: A direct financial benefit of $809 in annual cooling savings speaks to the operational efficiency gained through EEI r(e)Fresh.

4. Annual Cost Savings: Realize substantial cost reductions, saving $3,575 annually through planned service, targeted maintenance, and efficient operation.

5. Annual Fan Instant Power Savings: Instantly cut power costs by $2,943 annually, thanks to EEI r(e)Fresh's fan optimization and retrofit options.

6. Average Pressure Drop Improvement: The impressive -47% average pressure drop across all units signifies improved airflow efficiency, contributing to energy and cost savings.

Investing in EEI r(e)Fresh not only ensures optimal AHU performance but also delivers tangible financial gains. The equation is clear—enhanced NOI, a stronger Cap Rate, and substantial annual savings. Make the smart choice for your building's longevity and your financial success. EEI r(e)Fresh—where efficiency meets financial prosperity.

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