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Oklahoma Medical Resesarch Foundation

Project: Air Handler & Exhaust Systems

Manufacturer: ABB

Application: Efficient and redundant control of air handler and exhaust systems
Product: OMRF West Research Tower
Location: Oklahoma City

Oklahoma Medical Research Foundation (OMRF) is one of the nations oldest and most respected nonprofit biomedical research institutes, focusing on developing more effective treatments for human diseases like cancer, heart disease, lupus and Alzheimer’s disease. OMRF has set the goal to be among the finest research institutes in the nation. With these state of the art facilities, OMRF looked to EEI and ABB to provide efficient and effective air quality control. ABB model ACH550 variable frequency drives provide efficient and redundant control of the air handler and exhaust systems serving this state of the art research facility. The inherent control interface allows seamless communication to the building automation and control systems, resulting in the ability to meet critical control demands of these research laboratories.

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