Did you know AAON is featured in Health Facilities Management magazine?

The March 2015 issue of Health Facilities Management noted AAON in its "HVAC Systems for Off-Site Care" article by Neal Lorenzi.
Read the article here.
In this particular article, Lorenzi discusses the different options developed by local HVAC manufacturers for smaller off-site health care facilities and really highlights the advancements AAON has brought to this market and truly the entire industry.

In the medical industry, as more hospitals build off-site facilities, that there is a massive need for packaged and split HVAC systems.  These types of systems provide a large variety of benefits - lower startup costs, less space, easier operation, and the ability to monitor remotely.  Significant improvements in direct expansion (DX) technology has lead to a massive energy cut; Packaged and Split systems are now able to handle the loads of much smaller healthcare applications, cutting the hassle of operation costs generally associated with the larger hyrdonic systems.
"Lower first costs along with precision control and flexibility make DX systems ideal for small health care facilities.  The technology, which was introcduced by semicustom HVAC sysytem manufacturers such as AAON, has the same type of double-wall construction available on custom equipment and many of the same features."

AAON CF Series Split System Condensing Unit

"When supplying fresh outside air, the equipment must handle a wide range of air conditions from hot and humid to cold and dry.  Each ar condition presents a specific challenge to the equipment.  The latest AAON equipment is engineered to overcome these challenges."

AAON RN Series Packaged Rooftop Unit

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