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Seresco Dehumidifiers

Seresco is one of the largest advanced dehumidifier manufacturers in the world. Through a collection of system design, controls, and efficiency, Seresco incorporates their new technology into easy to monitor and service equipment.  Here are some examples of Seresco’s specialized features:

Direct Drive Plug Fans are belt free and provide very powerful air movement that can accommodate many different ductwork designs through the use of variable frequency drives (VFDs).

Outdoor Air Condensers include the Owl Wing Blade and Dual Speed designs.  To provide unchallenging flow with the least amount of noise, the Owl Wing fan uses notched blades to move larger volumes of air, and comes with two speed options for load balancing.  On the other hand, the Dual Speed fans allow for more controlled volumes of air flow, with multiple speed variations to match any necessary load on any outdoor condenser.

Thermal Breaks are installed throughout the wall construction, floor insulation, gasket seals, and door frame seals to separate different temperatures for optimal humidity isolation.


While these features all add efficiency, it is perhaps Seresco’s Web Sentry technology that separates them from their competitors.  Through the simple access of Web Sentry, engineers and technicians are able perform remote startup, monitoring, modifying, and troubleshooting - all via internet.  Web Sentry has 24/7 accessibility with over 100 remote monitors giving you current statuses of your performance parameters on each individual dehumidifier. 

They’ve recently introduced their new smart phone app, making near limitless availability.  Through this kind of supervision, one can analyze and detect any possible issues or necessary adjustments way before they begin to produce any problems.

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