New OA Series
                          & Fluid Coolers!
For those of you who missed seeing Seresco's new Outdoor Air Dehumidifiers and Fluid Coolers in Orlando at the AHR Expo - this video is for you!  In just 5 minutes you will learn what you need to get started with their innovative DOAS solution, and as a bonus, you will get a quick introduction to their Fluid Coolers - which can also be purchased as a stand alone product!

From 4 to 24 tons of refrigeration, our 2-stage outdoor air dehumidifier is factory sealed and uses Protocol Technology for the ultimate split system solution!  We are launching sales tools to accompany this new product, so selection and pricing is a breeze!
Watch this video for more information:

Factory Installed
SEMCO Energy Recovery

This new feature allows AAON units to meet specifications requiring aluminum rotary energy recovery wheels with a compact, energy efficient, lower pressure drop design. In addition to previous offerings, AAON now offers the SEMCO wheel with a media face coating and painted casing option.

Optional features are offered with the SEMCO wheel system including:

Painted Casing that has passed a 1,500 hour salt-spray test. 

Media Face Coating option that provides an anti-stick, anti-microbial, and anti-corrosive protection.

Energy Wheel Highlights

  • Wheel sizes from 30” to 74” diameter to meet most applications.
  • AHRI certified performance and UL-900 certified for smoke generation and combustibility.
  • Available with Media Face Coating that incorporates a polyurethane face coating along with the enhanced water-based desiccant, resulting in an overall better corrosion resistance for basically all acid or corrosive environments likely to be encountered. The media face coating option also displays antimicrobial properties with effectiveness in excess of 96% and its anti-stick properties assists with the containment and cleaning of environmental tobacco smoke from the surface of the wheel. 
  • Available with VFD compatible 3-phase motors for variable speed applications, with controls-by-others.
  • Available with purge sector to reduce cross contamination of the airstreams. Utilizing a SEMCO wheel with a purge section brings the degree of carry-over of bacteria, viruses, and other particulate to well under .045%
  • Available with bypass dampers on all wheel sizes.