New Highlighted Product:

Daikin VRV IV Heat Pump

All new larger-capacity singe modules now ranging up to 14 tons.  Combined they can provide up to 34 tons from three modules on a single piping network.  By doing this, it saves installation/running costs significantly because it doesn't require as much piping and elecrical connections.

New Highlighted Product:

Nortek Air Solutions IDEC 

As a sales representative for such a large manufacturer, we are very excited to announce their release of a newly innovated IDEC indirect/direct cooling unit designed specifically for data centers.  This has boosted Nortek Air Solutions into a leading position in providing the latest cooling solutions in the data center industry.

Among the newer features the IDEC has to offer:
  • Ultra-energy efficient pPUE below 1.1
  • Highest water efficiency
  • Maximum economizer operation
  • Reduced humidity fluctuations and filtration requirements
  • Flexible mounting options

HVAC University!

We are pleased to announce we will be starting a 6-week training program on the fundamentals involved in this fast-paced industry.  Because of our direct representation of various manufacturers in the HVAC industry, we feel that with the help of our technical specialists, we will be able to offer a wide variety of education providing ample knowledge on HVAC applications. For more information please click here.